The Way You Think About Yourself and Your Life Matters.

Welcome, I’m Kim Dawn…

I help women jumpstart permanent weight loss who are going through stress and emotional eating.  I do this with my 1:1 Personalized Weight Loss Coaching Sessions and the Think Thin Weight Loss Hypnosis Program.

I love helping my clients…

  • Lose weight without the struggle
  • Become naturally motivated without the self-blame
  • Let go of fad diets or doing cardio for countless hours
  • Get a better night’s sleep naturally
  • Gain confidence and trust in yourself again
  • Keep the weight off without obsessing about the scale
  • Easily maintain a balanced, non-restrictive lifestyle

Grief, Loss, Letting Go, and Creating The New

My superpower is helping my clients embrace change and recreate the dream life they’ve always wished they had.
I know first hand what it’s like to go through grief and loss and then try to rebuild a new life after a tragedy happens. From my parent’s divorce at an early age to going through my divorce, raising my son as a single Mom, I’ve been through a tremendous amount of grief. 
I had one transformational change after another hit my life from my teens through my early 40’s. 

It seemed like it was non-stop.  I got good at navigating the direction I was being led by my soul, even though my mind was resisting all the changes happening.

I know what it’s like to pick yourself up again after a catalytic event has changed everything and rebuild a life that feels more authentic to who you truly are.

I believe overeating or unhealthy eating patterns are a side effect of not being fully connected to our body and soul.
The coaching techniques I use with clients help them recognize which lies their mind is telling them that’s causing them the most pain. 
I help clients get in touch with their authentic self, so their soul naturally guides them towards their north star.


My Before and After Photos

In the photos below, I had painfully gained over 40 pounds… AGAIN! 
I attributed it to hormone issues this time but realized it had more to do with emotional (grief and stress) eating than anything else.
Through hypnosis, using the coaching tools, I was trained in, and with lifestyle changes that felt doable for me, I lost the weight.

My Background

I’m a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach and Hypnotherapist.  I enjoy helping my clients become more inspired about their lives, get clear, have more energy, and love who they are.

I’m also a Certified Nutrition Coach with NASM.  I believe your body knows instinctively what you should be eating and how much energy it requires to sustain itself.

I love help my clients get in touch with what their body is telling them so they naturally reach and maintain their ideal body weight.



My son, now age 25 is a personal trainer, he has a bachelors degree in Health Science with a Minor in Nutrition, and a Masters in Business Management.  I’m very proud of him, he’s a leader by nature and listens to his truest self with all that he does.

I help my clients become connected to their body’s inner wisdom.  I do this by showing my clients exactly how to get in touch with their mind-body connection so they know what food is best for them, and what will help them the most with reducing stress.

May your weight loss journey be full of love, ease, and peace.



Certified Nutrition & Life Coach

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