Hi, I’m Kim,


Injuries and hormones left me feeling hopeless and 40+ lbs overweight by age 43.

I had lower back surgery when I was 37 and left knee pain from a jogging injury.
Because of these injuries, I didn’t feel like I couldn’t exercise like I used to.
I also had hormone fluctuations as I entered my 40’s that caused me to feel like I would never be able to lose weight again.
I found myself eating way too many of the wrong foods for me as a way to numb the pain.
I used to nightly binge eating chips and calorie-rich foods as a way to cope with the stress and anxiety.

I had chronic inflammatory pain that seemed to be getting worse by the year.

The pain used to throb in the back of my neck and head so bad!
I used to get bad headaches and have to take Advil…
And ice my neck and head while resting with an eye mask on for hours, even days sometimes.
The pain was so bad I felt nauseous like I was going to have to throw up.

I had lost hope…

I didn’t think things would get better for me since I felt like I’d tried everything.
I wanted to think I was smarter than the pain.
I’d tried every diet, way of eating, and healing method over the years only to find myself getting worse.

I didn’t think things could change for me at this point.

I’m a certified hypnotherapist, life & nutrition coach…
Because of this, I had even more guilt that the pain and weight gain were getting worse for me.
After reaching my breaking point and being embarrassed I’d gained over 40 pounds…
With my hypnotherapy background…
I decided to create weight loss hypnosis audios that would help make things easier for me.
I wanted the pain to go away because it was keeping me stuck in a loop of bad eating habits and non-movement.

I was stuck and emotionally drained!

I knew that the subconscious mind is a powerful tool that could help me think about food and my body in a new way.
I had a hunch if I could change the way I thought about food and my body, changing my habits would get easier over time.
I created the Think Thin Weight Loss Sessions to see if they could help change my eating habits and get out of pain.
I listened to the recorded sessions every day.
At first, I didn’t feel that it was working.
But I kept listening before I went to sleep at night or when I needed to take a nap in the middle of the day.
I knew that the hypnosis sessions were working on my subconscious mind…
Even if I fell asleep listening to them.
But then, little by little I found it easier to make small changes that led to me losing a pound at a time.
I found myself wanting to work out again because it felt good.

I noticed that I no longer craved overeating.

I was eating smaller portions and felt satiated from it.
This was not the norm for me since I used to like to feel overfull.

Over the next two years, I lost the weight, but this time it was for good!

I lost over 40 lbs by listening to the Think Thin Weight Loss Sessions every day.
The reason I lost the weight is because my behavior patterns changed the more I listened.
I craved less of the bad stuff.
I didn’t self-sabotage myself any longer.
I chose healthy food options without feeling like I was dieting.
I felt like the foods I now craved were fueling my brain and body better.

I had more energy to get things done without being in chronic pain.

The daily inflammatory pain is gone!
I’ve maintained my 40 lb weight loss for over two years now.

I have a sense of freedom that I’ve never felt before.

For the first time in my life, I’m keeping the weight off without the fear of gaining it back again.
It’s a huge relief to no longer be controlled by my old comfort foods…
Like Mexican food, nachos with cheese & sour cream (which used to derail me)!
I’m so grateful to be out of pain and to be at this point with my weight loss journey.

I’m passionate about helping other women like myself…

  • Lose weight without all the pain and struggle I went through
  • Become more motivated without the self-blame, guilt or criticism
  • Let go of fad diets or doing cardio for countless hours
  • Get a better night’s sleep naturally
  • Gain confidence and trust in themselves again
  • Keep the weight off without obsessing about the scale
  • Easily maintain a balanced, non-restrictive lifestyle
  • Love their bodies again!


My Background

I’m a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach and Hypnotherapist.
I believe you have the ability to change what’s not working for you and create more life freedom.
I’m a Certified Nutrition Coach with NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine).
I believe your body knows instinctively what foods work best for you and what foods would help you get out of pain.
I love helping women get in touch with what their body is telling them…
So they easily reach and maintain their ideal body weight.
My son, now age 27, has a bachelor’s degree in Health Science with a Minor in Nutrition, and a Master’s in Business Management.
He’s in the health and wellness industry.  He’s a leader by nature and listens to his truest self with all that he does.
I’m a proud Mama for sure!
I live in Oregon with the love of my life and my Maine Coon kitty Olive.

Cheers to you making a new decision for yourself today for things to get easier!

You are an incredible soul here on earth who deserves the very best.
You taking the very best care of yourself helps your loved ones do the same.
May you always believe in yourself!
May your weight loss journey be full of love, ease, and peace.

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